Craftsmanship and technology are the hallmarks of Love Jewelry that creates jewelry and high-end watches for the most renowned international Griffe. The skillful combination of craftsmanship of skilled setters and leading-edge technologies, such as microscopes with precision to give excellent results in laboratory quality and finish of every creation, in an evolutionary process of evolution that evolves and changes every day.

Relying Love Jewelry today is sure of seriousness, reliability and production quality. The accuracy of the setting takes place even on extremely complex models and difficult thanks to microscopes of the latest generation which ensure the perfection of the fixation of each single stone.

The process comes to the final stage of cleaning and possible rhodium or burnishing. The jewel or the clock is then subject to final inspection in which the object should be entirely devoid of lines and pores. The last check is carried out on the integrity and tightness of Granette in every stone. Finally we are evaluated the actual timing of creation of each machining process of the object, in order to optimize and speed up the complete cycle.